Welcome to the AC Trainer home page.

This page is intended to describe a series of tasks to be performed on the Alternating Current (AC) Trainer at Central York High School.
This list includes various tasks that are common to encounter in the electrical industry. While we describe many scenarios, this list is not all inclusive. We encourage you to learn the basics and try to create and solve your own scenarios. Please enjoy this series of tasks and recognize the amazing opportunity you have due to the successful collaboration of the faculty at Central York High School
and the York Electricians JATC!

The task descriptions can be found in the links below.

Important Safety Notice!
All tasks should be performed under the supervision of your instructor. Please follow all safety procedures during the application of these tasks. The trainer should be unplugged or locked-out until wiring has been reviewed by the instructor. Only after their approval should the board be energized.

‍Pages for the AC Trainer:

  1. Home
  2. AC Task 1 - Duplex Receptacle
  3. AC Task 2 - GFCI with Receptacle
  4. AC Task 3 - Duplex receptacle with one-half switched
  5. AC Task 4 - One Switched Light Fixture
  6. AC Task 5 - One Light Fixture switched from two locations
  7. AC Task 6 - One Light Fixture controlled from 3 locations
  8. AC Task 7 - Additional Lighting Controls